Site Reviews – Become a CNA at according to the scrubs team is a leader in the field off online cna classes. We will review what they have to offer and see if you can become a certified nursing assistant, nurse aide or nursing aide with Mobile devices and I-pads/tablets are supported and are optimized for.

Are the CNA Course Prerequisites Listed Clearly?

Absolutely. They are one of the first things you will read.

Grade A+

Are CNA Schools Easily Located on Site?

Yes. Pages on do have all the school’s addresses and have links to their respective websites on the pages for each state navigated to through the clickable US map or the category drop down widget in the side of website.

Grade A+

Are Online Classes Covered? specializes in online CNA training, so this is a category they have handled. Top to bottom they are all about CNA classes online.

Grade A+

Do They Have Social Media Outlets Created?

To be honest could improve here. A lot.

Grade D

Is CNA Certification Requirements Covered for Each State?

All requirements on a state level are covered in depth. Find all info needed on state pages.

Grade A+

Is the Nursing Assistant Job and Salary Outlook Covered? has all government data from o-net-online and State pages have all the necessary info.

Grade A

Is Helpful for Working CNAs?

This is an area where could again improve. They need more information on bridge programs and extra certifications for CNAs.

Grade C+

Overall Grade B+

Site Reviews – Become a Medical Coder at according to the scrubs team is one of the great online resource for becoming a medical coder. We will review what they have to offer and see if you can become a medical coder with The website also supports mobile devices and I-pads/tablets.

Prerequisites Listed Clearly?

Yes that is covered in almost every article on the site very clearly.

Grade A+

Can you Find Coding and Billing Programs Easily?

Yes. You can get to listing of schools that are based on your area in their search widget by entering your zipcode. The best navigational tool for finding schools are the search feature in the side of site or through the US map. The pages on do have schools addresses and links to their websites on the respective state pages.

Grade A+

Is There Information on Online Schools? takes online education to another level due to the nature of the actual coders job is mostly done online at home. The advantages and disadvantages of online learning is also covered in depth.

Grade A

Do They Have Social Media for Communication?

This is another place where could improve. But they do have twitter, facebook and google plus pages. But compared to others in their niche, they do a lot.

Grade B

Is Billing and Coding Certification Covered for Each State?

Click on the map and find all the info you will ever need to become a medical coder in terms of certification. They cover it all.

Grade A+

Is the Medical Billing Specialist Job and Salary Outlook Shown? has all the necessary job outlook and salary data from data for the country and each respective state.

Grade A

Is Helpful for Working Medical Coding Specialists?

They have ICD-10 training information, videos and detailed info on online training for extra certifications. But they specialize in the initial training more than the extra certifications available.

Grade B

Overall Grade A-

Site Reviews – Become an LPN with is a great practical and vocational nursing website recognized by the scrubs team that features tons of great resources for becoming an LPN. From school listings of every school in the country to NCLEX practice tests to information on bridge programs for LPN/LVNs they have you covered. The website also supports all devices, specifically mobile phones for those last minute practice tests before the big NCLEX-PN. In our latest review we will cover how to become an LPN through a great website like

Are the Prerequisites Stated Clearly?

Getting prepared means finding out what is required to enroll and find out if you need to do something before you can get started. That is handled right off the bat on their website. The prerequisites are clearly stated at being having a High School diploma or GED, passing a background check and be of legal age for you state.

Grade A

Can you Find LPN Schools Easily?

Yeah they got this one nailed. You can get to schools based on your IP address in their great search widget in top corner of the site. Or you can navigate through the interactive US map or use the search feature in the sidebar and just type in your city. The pages on that have all the schools addresses and phone numbers are the respective state pages easily navigated to in the side of site and through the map.

Grade A+

Can you Find Information on Online Schools?

Online LPN programs are covered in depth multiple places on the site including in the bridge program area of The advantages and disadvantages are also discussed.

Grade A-

Do They Have Social Media for Communication?

This is another place where nails it. Their author and support team is all over Google plus specifically and the blog comments section is always a great place to get questions answered. More Facebook and Twitter would be nice though. But compared to other sites they are kings for LPNs on social media from what we have found.

Grade B+

Is Licensing Covered for Each State?

Once you click on a state on the sweet interactive map, you will find tons of amazing information specific to the state. The necessary guidelines for LPNs are clearly listed and easy to find.

Grade A

Is the LPN/LVN Job and Salary Outlook Shown? covers the job outlook and salary data with current data. And let me tell you it is promising in many states.

Grade A-

Is Helpful to Working Nurses?

There are videos that are very helpful and lots of helpful info on bridge programs for LPNs and LVNs. But this is an area that probably needs the most improvement. Especially if you do not include social media in this category.

Grade B-

Overall Grade A-

Phlebotomy Training in Oklahoma

Findmyphlebotomytraining.comPhlebotomy training in Oklahoma are available to any person thinking about having a career in a medical environment, and courses are taking new trainees each month. The scrubs crew loves the art of venipuncture.

Within 4 to 12 months, you can finish your choice of a distance learning or classroom-based course, and challenge the state’s certification exam for your chance to be recognized as a Phlebotomist.

Getting Started in Phlebotomist Training in Oklahoma

Though there are not very many steps required in training to be a Phlebotomy Technician, you need to take notice of the few that exist. You must meet the legal age prerequisite, have a H.S. diploma or GED, test negative for drugs and successfully pass a criminal background screening.

Overview of Phlebotomy Courses

Choosing which classes to attend is really a personal choice, however there are some points you should know about before choosing Phlebotomy training. It can seem as if there are lots of certified phlebotomist in Oklahoma, but you still need to choose the training program that can best lead you towards your long-term objectives. To ensure that you will not be squandering time and your money, it is essential to make certain the program or school you have decided on is actually accredited by a major governing agency such as the ASCP Board of Certification or is approved by the Oklahoma State Board. A few other topics that you’ll have to seriously look into besides state approval status include:

  • If there’s a job location center
  • Assess the certification test success for alumni
  • Any specific requirements for enrolling in the program

Is it an Absolute Must That I Get My Certification?

Pertaining to all future Phlebotomists, the National Phlebotomy Association has emphasized and stipulated that Phlebotomist certification is obtained prior to employment. The American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians regulates the federal phlebotomy registry. Upon getting certified and listed, one might anticipate greater pay and a greater chance for employment.

For more info on becoming a phlebotomist in Oklahoma CLICK HERE

Medical Billing Schools in Arizona

Medical Billing Schools in ArizonaMedical billing and coding schools in Arizona will supply you with all the training and hands-on experience needed to land a position in health care as a billing specialist in Arizona.

Training programs may take less than 1 to 2 years to complete, and at the end of your classes you are eligible to take the certification test for your area.

Can You Satisfy the Prerequisites for Medical Billing and Coding Schools?

Although there are not very many requirements in instruction to become a Medical Coding Specialist, you need to pay attention to the ones that do exist. You need to be the minimum age to work in Arizona, own a high school diploma or GED, pass a criminal history check, and also have a clean test result for drugs.

Everything You Should be Doing to Be Prepared for Medical Billing and Coding Certification Programs in Arizona

We can’t decide which of the medical billing and coding schools fits your needs, yet we’re able to provide you with the following recommendations to make your choice a little less difficult. Picking coding and billing schools may perhaps sound straightforward, but you have to make sure that you are deciding on the right kind of program. It is strongly recommended that you make sure you verify that the Medical Billing Specialist school or program that you are deciding on is endorsed by the Arizona State Board or another governing organization. A few other things you will wish to check out besides state approval status may include:

  • Be sure that the curriculum meets no less than the minimum specifications
  • Success of attendees on the certification examination for the past five years
  • Ease of access of students to course instructors

Does Arizona Have a Medical Biller Certification Requirement That I Need to be Aware Of?

The AAPC National Advisory Board does state that all Medical Billers need a certification.

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LVN Classes in Southern California

LVN programs in Southern California are designed for any person wanting to be employed in a profession that helps others, and programs are available to you today!

You can find fast-track programs available to you that can be finished within one to two years, and will make you ready to take the Licensed Vocational Nurse NCLEX exam. The scrubs team keeps a keen eye on the NCLEX!!

Meeting the Prerequisites for LVN Programs

There are a few requirements to be eligible for Licensed Vocational Nurse training programs. You’ll have to be of minimum age, already have earned a high school diploma or GED, successfully pass a criminal background check and then you must test negative for drugs.

Find Courses in So Cal’s Biggest Cities!!

Los Angeles

San Diego

Long Beach




Santa Ana


Chula Vista


San Bernardino


For more LVN material CLICK HERE

CMA Programs in Nashville TN

Medical Assistant Programs in TennesseeAs the scrubs crew has stated before, the healthcare as a field has taken-off at a record rate and, by enrolling in CMA schools in Nashville TN, you have the chance to start a career as a medical assistant.

Training courses are around 9 months to 2 years in total length, and they are generally available online to help prepare you for the certification test in your respective state.

Meeting the Requirements for Medical Assistant Programs

It is important to meet all of the conditions to become a medical assistant prior to starting your training. They currently are: hold a H.S. diploma or equivalent and be of minimum age for Tennessee, clear a required background check and test negative for any drugs.

What’s Covered in Medical Assistant Programs?

One can find tons of excellent Medical Assistant schools all around the country, yet you need to know which of the Medical Assistant schools present the right option. It’s possible you’ll hear that clinical medical assistant are all similar, however there are certain things you need to be aware of prior to deciding on which medical office assistant to sign up for in Nashville. Certainly, the main aspect of any program or school is that it requires the appropriate recognition from the Tennessee State Board or an organization like the American Association of Medical Assistants. If the accreditation status is alright, you might want to look into several other attributes of the school compared to other training programs providing the exact same instruction.

  • Work placement assistance
  • Success of former students on the certification evaluation going back several years
  • Read the program’s boards to see if anything at all feels out of the ordinary

For more Medical Assistant Programs and Certification Resources CLICK HERE

CNA Programs in Minneapolis

Minnesota CNA ClassesIf a patient care profession appeals to you, CNA courses in Minneapolis could be right for you.

In as little as one months, one can complete either a distance learning or on-campus course, and take the state’s certification examination for your chance to be recognized as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

What is Required to Enroll for CNA Classes in Minneapolis

CNA classes have four main prerequisites for students. One must have graduated from high school or have a GED or equivalent, be the minimum legal age to work for Minnesota, pass a criminal background check, and last of all you must test negative for drugs to be qualified for enrollment.

What Exactly is Included in Your Certified Nursing Assistant Training?

The following suggestions really should help you pick which CNA classes will be the ideal match for your situation. You might be told that certified nursing assistant programs are all the same, yet there are some areas you need to be aware of before choosing which certified nursing assistant classes to enroll in in . To ensure that you are not squandering time and your resources, it is vital to be certain that the school you have decided on has been licensed by a well-known accrediting body like the NNAAP or has been recognized by the Minnesota State Board. Some other areas to consider may include:

  • Research all you can regarding the training school – including its background
  • Testimonials by past trainees on their results
  • Any requirements for participating in the program

Should you Have a CNA Certification in Minneapolis?

The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) oversees the certification and regulation for certified nursing assistants. After certification is earned, you’ll need to go ahead and take next step and get listed in the National nursing registry maintained by the Nurse Aide Registry. National registry listing and gaining a certification will help you get higher pay and work possibilities.

Growth of Jobs for CNA in Minneapolis

Per the most up-to-date figures from O*NET Online, anyone searching for work as a certified nursing assistant in Minnesota will be in a good place. Because of the state’s elderly population and expanding medical industry, the demand for additional employees considerably out-distances that of other types of medical professionals. As a result, in case you are seeking to become a nursing assistant in Minneapolis, you have plenty of opportunities to look into.

Additional Beneficial CNA Information

Minnesota Board of Nursing

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Online Courses for Practical Nurses

Findmylpnprograms.comIf you would enjoy a position in the medical industry, online training for becoming an LPN can help you get started today! The scrubs team loves online courses for many reasons. Many are stated below.

Courses are approximately 1-2 years in length, and they’re available online to get you ready for the NCLEX license test in your respective state.

What is Required to Register in LPN Training Online

Practical nursing courses have four key prerequisites for candidates. One needs to hold a high school diploma or GED and satisfy the mandatory age minimum, pass a background screening, and test negative for drugs.

A Look Inside Online LPN Schools

There are plenty of remarkable programs that you can opt for, but you must be sure that the LPN training you wish to sign-up for satisfy the minimum requirements. It may seem as if there are lots of LPN training online, however you still have to find the classes that will best lead you toward your career ambitions. Nursing program or school you end up picking should also be licensed by your State Board or the American Nurses Association. If the school is accredited by these organizations, you really should also look at several other things including:

  • Talk to the state’s board for nursing to see how well the school rates against its peers
  • What is the program’s graduate pass rate for the license test
  • Is the total price out of line with the other schools?

Exactly Why is Practical Nursing Licensure Crucial for Your Career?

Absolutely, gaining one’s license is necessary for LPN per the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The Nurse Aide Registry also says that a certified or licensed nurse needs to be listed on the federal registry. Once you’re credentialed and listed, you are qualified for hire.

Jobs for LPNs in America

The demand for nurses is at an all-time high with O*Net Online predicting enormous growth all across the region until the close of the decade. Due to the country’s elderly population and growing health care industry, the requirement for new personnel noticeably outpaces that of other medical professionals. As you can tell, becoming a practical nurse online might be a lot easier than you believe – especially in comparison with other careers.

Plan Now for Your Job of the Future!

Now that you have received all of the tips and info necessary to start your career as a licensed practical nurse, it is now your responsibility to sign-up for LPN training right away!

Additional Preferred Licensed Practical Nurse Information

Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

American Heart Association

Emergency Nurses Association

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New Orleans Pharmacy Tech Programs

Pharmacy Technician Schools in LouisianaIf a healthcare career appeals to you like it does the scrubs crew, then getting certified as a Pharmacy Tech in New Orleans, LA could be right for you.

In as fast as three to six months, through either online or traditional study, you can get ready to challenge the certification exam for your specific area.

The time could not be better!! Job numbers for pharmacy techs are growing at record rates.

What’s Needed to be Eligible for Pharmacy Tech Certification?

The prerequisites for pharmacy technician courses change from one program to the next, but the majority do have several basic ones. The first is to satisfy the minimum age prerequisite and have a high school diploma or equivalent, the third is to test negative for drugs, and finally is to pass a criminal background check.

The Things You’ll Be Taught in Pharmacy Tech Programs

You’ve decided that you really want to be a pharmacy tech, and soon you’ll need to choose which of the pharmacy tech certification programs are best. You may hear that pharmacy technician programs are all similar, but there are some areas you should really be aware of before picking which pharmacy technician training to enroll in in New Orleans LA. It is very important that any If the accreditation status is good, you might like to check out a number of other aspects of the program compared to the other training programs giving you the same training.

  • Its employment location success with students
  • The actual ranking of alumni passing the certification exam
  • Check out the school’s forums to find out if anything at all looks peculiar

Do You Need to Have a Pharmacy Tech Certification in New Orleans?

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board has stated that obtaining your pharmacy tech certification is required for employment if your state demands a certification.

Careers for Pharmacy Techs in New Orleans LA

For aspiring pharmacy technicians, the employment outlook is one of the brightest for any profession in Louisiana. In truth, the position’s forecasted rate of growth is one of the highest for any sector in the workforce. For those who want to start working as a pharmaceutical tech in New Orleans, clearly the growing demand is very much to your advantage.

Get Ready to Start Your New Career Now!

Now that you’ve been given all the tips and details needed to start your career as a pharmacy tech, now it’s up to you to register for pharmacy tech certification today!

Other Suggested Pharmacy Tech Information

Louisiana state board
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